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June 26, 2013


I could say use A NEW TALE WRITING SERVICE because we employ the best wordsmiths in the industry. Or that our words inspire awe! Or maybe you should use us because we are reliable, professional and understand what deadlines mean. Or, because our words will definitely increase your sales and profit. The bottom line is our writing will leave a favorable impression on your readers. They’ll be entertained if that is what you wish to achieve, enlightened if that is your goal, instructed if you are trying to teach. And, if you are trying to convince someone of something, we can do that too.  We help you impress your readers!

We can add poetry or comedy to lighten the mood. We can edit your work so it becomes a spectacular read that will WOW your audience. Experience counts! Online writing is different from writing before the internet age. Now, we need to write so that the search engines can understand how to classify our messages as well as to please our human readers. Alienate either the search engines or your readers and your piece will fail to attract a following. But pleasing both machines and people is a challenge and takes experience and skill. That is where A NEW TALE WRITING SERVICES can help you. We know the ins and outs of successful internet communication! There’s no guess work. Sure we’ve failed plenty in the past. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? But the good news is you get to benefit from all that experience!

The beauty of the internet is the viral spreading of information. There are skills to creating text that begs to be shared and passed around the web. There are also rules of literature and communication that have been in place long before the computer age dawned. A NEW TALE WRITERS knows how to write modern, while still adhering to traditions of professionalism. Your text will be engaging and impressive sounding, a combination that will have your readers viewing you as the top authority figure in your field. We can research just about any subject and write unique, informative, text that sways your readers so your opinion becomes their opinion. Writing is a gift and an art. Don’t take writing for granted and don’t accept substandard text, especially when your name is going to be associated with it.


Regardless of genre or subject matter, to write well you have to first think like your reader. Spend some time in your target reader’s shoes. What do they really want to read about? Why do they read? What are they trying to satisfy? Advertising and marketing used to live by the adage “Throw enough mud against the wall and some of it is bound to stick.” Now a days, you can stand on the roof tops and shout your product is the best! Scream at passersby that your services are the cheapest! Even if it’s all true, you’ll be ignored because consumers have grown immune. Worse, you’ll be labeled as boring and corny too! This is a recipe for death in an era that worships the chic and suave!

Stop insulting the intelligence of your proposed buyers, readers and customers! Surprise them for a change with some valuable content! Get a free A NEW TALE WRITING SERVICES QUOTE right now!




  • Fiction

    Procrastinators, idea people, novelists afflicted with chronic Writers Block, over worked, depressed, scared of success or maybe writing just never was your cup of tea! Whatever is holding you back from realizing your dream of being a published author, A NEW TALE ‘AFFORDABLE’ WRITING SERVICES are here to help! Your idea plus our skills of wordsmithing = success!

  • Non-Fiction

    Flowing Essays, clear concise business correspondence, letter writing, personal biographies, expose’, documentary, company histories, compelling, inspirational Speech Writing and Toasts for any occasion. Our writers can help you celebrate a special accomplishment or craft words that will put a positive spin on a negative situation.

  • Ghost Writing

    Kindle Books, E-books, instructional manuals; Just tell us what you’d like to be the author of and we’ll write it for you. YES, you get to take full credit! Bragging rights included! We’ll never impose on your ideas or hamper your creativity. But, we’ll be there for you every step of the way, helping you achieve your vision!