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April 17, 2013



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“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage

Writing for the web is competitive, challenging, and exciting. There are times when you need to be formal, upstanding and professional and there are times when it is best to take the casual, friendly approach. Writing effective sales copy for expensive items that cost thousands of dollars is very different than writing sales copy for fifteen dollar products. The experience of your writers and the quality of their copy can be the difference between a new product launch being a success or failure. Your product can be great but if it is not presented to the public effectively it is doomed! And, in the viral arena of today’s internet one mistake can cost you millions to correct.

We’ve analyzed and re-analyzed mathematical statistics and combined them with past and current social data to perfect ad campaigns and propose marketing formula’s that are effective because they are based scientifically not only on established facts and known buying patterns of customer behavior but also on what we have witnessed firsthand working and have seen fail. Proper terminology is key to getting a high return on your advertisement and marketing investments. Through trial and error we have taken the guess work out of writing advertising and marketing copy.

Having a pretty website is only half your battle. It takes a lot of ongoing effort to convert a great looking website into a competitive website that draws prospects like a magnet! And you are still not done yet! You must turn those site visitors into quality leads who willingly and enthusiastically give you their coveted contact information; email addresses, phone numbers and addresses so you can follow up. The final stage is convincing those prospects to spend! It takes real tact to turn prospects into clients and not lose them along the way! Experience the difference quality web writing can mean to your business efforts.

No matter what industry you work in, there will always be competitors trying to grasp a piece of your pie. To remain competitive you have to stay current. You also have to concentrate on putting out the best product and supplying the best services in your field. By hiring the ‘A NEW TALE WRITING SERVICES’ you get access to experts at communication. This allows you to spend more time concentrating on perfecting your goods and services! And, gives you peace of mind that the text associated with your company and name will be of the utmost professionalism and will finely represent your image.

Why not let us worry about introducing you, your image and presenting what you do to the world. We excel at spreading the news! We’ve been doing it successfully for a while! And quite frankly, we can do it more efficiently and more cost effectively than you can do it yourself. You owe it to yourself, your business and your legacy to employ the best. Let us help you say what you want to say. We can say it eloquently, humorously, professionally or if you want to play hard ball, we talk that talk too!

Why wait? Order an ‘A NEW TALE WRITING SERVICE product or PACKAGE DEAL’ or request an ‘A NEW TALE WRITING SERVICE’ free quote on any or all of your web related writing projects, right now! This will be the best business decision you ever made!

500 word articles – Price: $_______

300 word blog posts – Price: $_______

Facebook fan page posts – Price: $_______

Twitter tweets –  Price: $_______

*Prices based on technical difficulty of the subject as well as deadline issues.

*Please fill in Free PRICE QUOTE form as completely as possible so we can serve you better.

Social Media special ‘A NEW TALE’ Web Package Deal #1 – Price: $_______
1. Engaging Facebook Fan Page post per day for a solid month
2. Unique entertaining or informative tweets per day per a month

Website Content Special ‘A NEW TALE’ Web Package Deal #2 – Price: $_______
3 keyword density, SEO optimized articles, up to 500 words each.
1 positive review of a product or service
1 news release

Blog Posting special “A NEW TALE’ Web Package Deal #3 – Price: $________
Two – 300 word blog posts each week for one month/30 days
Four – 450 word blog posts, one posted every seven days

*Prices based on technical difficulty of the subject as well as deadline issues.       *Please fill in Free PRICE QUOTE form as completely as possible so we can serve you better.




  • Fiction

    Procrastinators, idea people, novelists afflicted with chronic Writers Block, over worked, depressed, scared of success or maybe writing just never was your cup of tea! Whatever is holding you back from realizing your dream of being a published author, A NEW TALE ‘AFFORDABLE’ WRITING SERVICES are here to help! Your idea plus our skills of wordsmithing = success!

  • Non-Fiction

    Flowing Essays, clear concise business correspondence, letter writing, personal biographies, expose’, documentary, company histories, compelling, inspirational Speech Writing and Toasts for any occasion. Our writers can help you celebrate a special accomplishment or craft words that will put a positive spin on a negative situation.

  • Ghost Writing

    Kindle Books, E-books, instructional manuals; Just tell us what you’d like to be the author of and we’ll write it for you. YES, you get to take full credit! Bragging rights included! We’ll never impose on your ideas or hamper your creativity. But, we’ll be there for you every step of the way, helping you achieve your vision!