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April 17, 2013



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The secret of effective marketing lies in finding the simplest way to clearly communicate the truth not in coming up with innovative, tricky words and phrases to sugar coat reality, manipulate facts or worse explain a defect away. The most cost effective advertisements with the highest return on investment are never related to the discovery and use of a new marketing gimmick or even by switching to a proven more effective technique of advertising but because the products and services they promote have finally been shown to be interesting or valuable to the consumer and/or, because their brands have been stamped respectable and trust worthy. The gift lies not in creating hype but in putting your customer at ease with their decision to spend and making them feel proud of themselves for having spent money with your company.

Certainly you can gain sales with tricks but ultimately you lose respectability and trust. The goal of A NEW TALE WRITING SERVICES is to write ad copy that gains you repeat customers who will continue to buy from you for years to come, not quick scores! Remember word of mouth is always the strongest marketing tool there is! Negative word of mouth is devastating to a marketing campaign. Viral marketing is based on people Tweeting your praise, FaceBooking and sharing your message with their followers, texting their friends and spreading your cheer! We want all your textual communications to be a part of building you a long term, loyal customer base. That is how ‘A NEW TALE’ approaches marketing copy!

Effective sales wording is the difference between tiny returns and huge returns. Today’s public has little patience for long winded ads. Writers must be able to express themselves clearly, thoroughly and convincingly but most importantly, they must be able to do it FAST! Think of yourself as a door to door salesman. You only have a few seconds before whoever answered the door slams it in your face! That’s real sales presentation pressure! And, the same situation is going on all the time on the web. People read the bold text that catches their eye and then instantly decide whether it is worth their time to stay and read on. With a click they are gone and moving on to view your competitor’s website.

Thousands of people will delete the email that took you hours to write without even opening it because you phrased your subject line incorrectly. Not to mention, there are words and phrases that you absolutely must not use when construction your emails because they trigger email spam detectors to filter your email into the spam file which means your intended recipients probably will not even know it was sent to them. The internet is forever evolving and marketers are always looking for a way to cut corners, save efforts, costs or an opening for exploiting a new technological advancement. There is no shortcut to learning the ropes of producing great copy writing. Writing effective, convincing, marketing text is truly an art form that gets better and better with experience, trial and error and sheer determination. The dynamics of the internet; search engines, SEO, SEM, Key words, social media, the ever changing secret Google algorithm all make writing sales copy for the web even more challenging and confusing. Just like you are an expert in your field ‘A NEW TALE’s Copy Writers are experts in the field of persuasion writing. ‘A NEW TALE’ HAS writers who specialize in writing for each aspect of online marketing.

Get a free quote on any or all of your marketing copywriting and persuasion sales writing needs and enjoy working with expert. The results you’ll achieve by making this one move, will easily out way the affordable, more than competitive costs of our writing services. Great copy writing pays for itself and for a lot of other things too!

*Price quotes are based on word counts, technicality of the subject matter and time allotted for the finished project. Very Time Sensitive Projects may cost EXTRA.




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