January 24, 2013



A NEW TALE Editors and Proof Readers specialize in reliable editing and proofreading for when you simply must have it back fast, polished and professional looking! We spruce up text! We’ll improve your run on sentences, replace your dangling modifiers, rephrase the awkward language, identify vague statements and give you suggestions for re-wording confusing passages. Assuring your words are clearly understood by your readers and ready for publication is our priority! Quite simply your writing will flow smoothly and sound better.

No matter how smart you are or how many great ideas you have, if you can’t communicate your thoughts to others effectively you will never realize full success. Incorrect grammar, word usage, language form can be embarrassing and professionally damaging. Former Vice President, Dan Quayle, could not live down, a slip up he made when he wrongly attempted to correct a 6th grade student who spelled the word potato correctly during a spelling Bee. The Vice President’s minor and quite commonly made mistake of insisting the word potato had an unnecessary ‘E’ on the end made him the brunt of comedic jokes and media commentary for decades to come. Don’t become the new Mr. Potato Head! Employ A NEW TALE EXPERT EDITING AND PROOFREADING SERVICES for your own piece of mind!

Copy Editing, Manuscript Assessments and suggestions for improving overall content, priced affordable and performed all with a mind on rapid turnaround. Yes we understand deadlines and commitment! Whatever your writing, editing and proofreading needs, rest assured they will be addressed with urgency and given the full attention and expertise of writers and editors experienced in your subject. Your project will be assigned to editors and proof readers experienced in your field or genre to assure quality results!

Our goal is never to impose on your message or dilute the tone of your piece but to help you improve your writing style and delivery. We can start by pointing out alternate vocabulary options, addressing and fixing redundancy, identifying problem sentences and wordiness and suggesting solutions so your readers can follow along more clearly, as well as instruct you on how to improve the overall organization of your work. Or we can rewrite the whole thing for you. We can aid you with target a specific audience. Whatever method you are most comfortable with. We can focus on the basic rules of English language, grammar, form, word usage, spelling, syntax, punctuation, proper vocabulary corrections or we can take it to a higher level and aid in the actual composition or re-composition of the piece to assure you are using the best methods and style to address your audience and achieve your purpose.


*Price quotes are based on word counts, technicality of the subject matter and time allotted for the finished project. Very Time Sensitive Projects may cost EXTRA.

1. Please designate whether you are a student, author, business professional, website creator or website or blog maintainer.
2. Provide the target audience.
3. If available the location you intend the content to be published. (website, blog, other)

*Please supply your manuscripts for editing and proofreading in the form of a word document.




  • Fiction

    Procrastinators, idea people, novelists afflicted with chronic Writers Block, over worked, depressed, scared of success or maybe writing just never was your cup of tea! Whatever is holding you back from realizing your dream of being a published author, A NEW TALE ‘AFFORDABLE’ WRITING SERVICES are here to help! Your idea plus our skills of wordsmithing = success!

  • Non-Fiction

    Flowing Essays, clear concise business correspondence, letter writing, personal biographies, expose’, documentary, company histories, compelling, inspirational Speech Writing and Toasts for any occasion. Our writers can help you celebrate a special accomplishment or craft words that will put a positive spin on a negative situation.

  • Ghost Writing

    Kindle Books, E-books, instructional manuals; Just tell us what you’d like to be the author of and we’ll write it for you. YES, you get to take full credit! Bragging rights included! We’ll never impose on your ideas or hamper your creativity. But, we’ll be there for you every step of the way, helping you achieve your vision!